Business Coaching & Consulting

  • It is costly to keep training staff and poor Indeed and Glassdoor reviews can now sink a company. Motivated staff reduce company stress and increase your overall efficiency. Motivated staff are also less likely to file lawsuits or say disparaging things online which cripples company’s ability to hire quality staff.
  • Are you tired of constant turnover without having an adequate training program, or not enough support to implement staff satisfaction motivation improvements ?
  • Do you lose top talent due to management issues or burnout? We help managers at all levels including both high-level creatives, people with strong personalities and employees who are very data driven.


You can pick and choose which aspects of each program you would like to add. With a short meeting we can send a proposal of cost of package of services.

Deluxe Package – All services of the employee life cycle

  • We function as a full-time consultant, helping your company on a monthly basis in all of these area. This way, year-round we are helping HR stay a dynamic program that aims to reduce retention rates and increase motivation and efficiency. This program has limited number of clients each year to maintain quality of service ad give individualized care
  • Talent acquisition and Interview
    • Standard and behavioral based questions to better analyze each candidtate
    • MBTI assessments to better help improve each person on how best they learn and engage with others
    • Objective scoring system to make the interview progress as objective as possible
  • Onboarding and first 90 days
    • Deluxe orientation training
    • Onboarding for first 90 days with coaching/mentorship program
    • Criteria for new employee on how they get their first raise
  • Coaching and Training Package (Leadership and Emotional Intelligence)
    • Systematic and organized training and coaching program
    • Indiviudal and virtual group coaching available
    • Professional development presentations and trainings for C suite, middle management, and new managers
    • Setup and review of diversity at company to reduce bias
  • Motivation, Lean Six Sigma and Organized Behavior Management Package (OBM)
    • Executive a robust wellness program
    • Create a Year-round schedule of motivation to keep staff looking at upcoming, low cost events
    • Set up quarterly HR email to keep communication lines open and to keep staff informed and excited about the company growth
    • Anonymous Annual staff survey, survey week, and data review and action plan for results. Data from your staff is crucial to gauge what direction to grow your company and who is motivated to help you grow in that direction
    • HR related analytics including retention data and how long for employees to pass levels of training
    • Clear paths for each job position and updated job description
    • Key performance indicators - KPI’s for each job position
  • Exit and Alumni Package
    • Proper offboarding to reduce staff frustrations and retaliations with company upon leaving.
    • Training for managers on how to make the last 30 days of a staff respectable and to not burn additional bridges
    • Create Alumni program to give former staff a place to keep in touch with the company and to give referrals and for company to be a good referral for them. All keep lines of some staff returning in future date.
  • ABA companies – We have in depth ABA knowledge and how best to grow your company quickly and efficiently.
    • The less time your BCBA’s need to help with HR related duties, the more time they can spend more time billing with children and training quality staff.
    • We help parents complete their homework assigned with is crucial to maintain insurance coverage
    • We have BACB training program and also provide supervision from a BCBA with over 20 years’ experience
    • Competitive advantage to hire BCBA’s which are facing crises of burnout and many are still so new to the field without enough consistent mentorship
    • We also provide a separate coaching company for parents (Autism Coaching and Consulting) That will give a discount to parents to sign onto program.

Programs are a good fit for:

  • Human resource departments in any place of the life cycle or a mix of them:
    • Talent acquisition and Interview
    • Onboarding and first 90 days
    • Coaching and Training
      • Wellness
      • Leadership
      • Emotional Intelligence
    • Organized Behavior Management and Six Sigma Lean Projects
    • Employee exit process and Alumni Program
  • Executives and mid-level managers
  • Employees who are experiencing some type of burnout
  • High performers who want to get an edge or help to improve in a certain area
  • Companies with low indeed/glassdoor scores; high turnover ratios; train lots of employees; or need motivation turnaround
  • ABA, Speech, and Occupational companies that work with children with special needs/Autism
  • And many more

Contact us so we can setup a free consultation call.


We use MTBI to review your Myers-Briggs score and talk about one sample of your personality type. We also use Emotional Intelligence quick scan to address areas of improvement. We have a simple, but effective system for collecting baseline to make the assessment process as painless as possible.


We produce webinars each quarter on multiple topics. You are able to join a webinar without signing up for any programs.