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We specialize in monitoring and improving processes in the employee life cycle. A company needs energy from every employee in order to grow. By keeping a company balanced, you can harness the collective energy of your company to achieve new goals and continued growth.


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If you are a large company or have a group of people more than 20, we can customize a webinar coaching package just for you.

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We keep you up to date with articles on all kinds of interesting topics to help you learn, remain positive, and have a good laugh. Click here to learn more about the neurodiversity movement and all of our other topics.

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We also do videos so you can get to know us more. These platforms give an opportunity to see our passion, personality, and enthusiasm for helping others


Michael has a diverse and unique skillset of being a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, PCC certified coach, and Black Belt Six Sigma trained

Provided supervision and mentorship for 20+ Behavior Analyst, Speech Pathologist, and Occupational Therapist and has trained 700+ staff to improve in profession and leadership skills

One of the leaders of the neurodiversity movement that accepts all levels of cognition, limits permanent labeling of individuals, and strives for all people to grow to the best of their abilities

Michael Conteh's Accomplishments

Michael has a unique skillset of being a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, PCC certified coach, and Six Sigma Black Belt.


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