Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your interest in Balance Coaching & Consulting.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us for more information.

A partnership is the most important word to describe coaching. It consists of mutual understanding between a well trained, certified life coach and a client who wants more out of life. When people want to reach their highest potential, manage a life transition or simply get out of a rut, they get a life coach.

Everyone knows athletes use coaches to train, but they also use coaches for support, guidance and the kind of insight that comes from a knowledgeable and trained professional. Today, more and more people are using life coaches because they hear about other people improving their lives and getting more done, with less stress and in less time than they could on their own.

We schedule one hour sessions with you based on your availability and they can be in person or virtual meetings. We certainly encourage you to email us if something is needed between sessions as needed. If you need clarification regarding a previous session or you want to report a “win” that only your coach will understand, write anytime 24-7. I will answer within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Additionally, expect some “homework” assignments between sessions which are either written or involve taking action.

Yes, we’re going to talk about your emotions. Are we going to have a good cry together? Probably not, but the stories you’re telling yourself about your current situation are triggering your emotions and holding you back. We will undo those. Emotional Intelligence is a core teaching practice of our organization.

Yes, we love to work in conjunction with psychology and other related fields. Psychologists do an excellent job helping of healing the past while our program focuses on what skills to gain now to improve for the future. We are especially a good fit for those who are just about to leave a program and still need some structure and slight assistance setting up personal game plan for growth.

We love to give honest advice and positive feedback. We are big fans of appreciative inquiry and helping people realize their strengths while improving on areas of need. We are also big fans of data and properly defining goals to get a good indicator about rate of success. We work with all types of personalities and goals as therapy goals are built to suit the needs of each person

We have 3, 6, and 12-month options for direct coaching or webinar / coaching package. These options give you time to properly acquire the skills and integrate the lessons.

For coaching / consulting, you can choose to be coached weekly, 2x a month (preferred option), or monthly. This give you flexibility to choose a mix of options that works well for you.

We also can make custom packages in some cases if you need intense coaching or have a unique issue. We love the uniqueness of a person or business and our customized plans aim to keep your authenticity while improving your efficiency. Use our calendar to setup a consultation calls today.

If you are unhappy for any reason in the first 30 days, then you can opt out with only a 10% charge of rest of program length that is used to reschedule our staff to another client. After 30 days your program will not be refunded for the duration of the contract, but we will continually provide coaching and consulting to give you value that has long term benefit. Most things we learn take time, but we are as efficient as possible to maximize our programming with your precious time.

Filling out any paperwork can be a burdensome chore, but it pays big dividends at the end. First the initial paperwork helps to understand you on multiple levels, so the treatment is as accurate to your specific needs as possible. Second, baseline data makes a great starting point to find potential strengths and weaknesses. It also gives you the opportunity to reflect and see objective measurement about you. Third, we can mark improvement which is crucial to see effectiveness of program and how is slowly, but constantly improving your behavior.

We do not take insurance at this time. We are private pay only, but you can pay via PayPal or similar payment method. After paperwork is completed, we will setup payment structure.